Project One meets Project Three



Well I’m kind of terrible at this “blog your life” thing… but AGAIN I’m on another project.

I’m the lead Assistant Editor on a film called Phantom, starring Ed Harris, David Duchovny, and William Fichtner!

“The haunted Captain of a Soviet submarine holds the fate of the world in his hands. Forced to leave his family behind, he is charged with leading a covert mission cloaked in mystery.”

And the FIRST studio movie I worked on in LA (GONE) is coming out in 10 days! (Feb 24th).  You might have seen the trailer before the latest Twilight movie! Maybe!

Watch the trailer here:

Another new project and 7 Questions

As it turns out, working in Post-Production in film means I don’t have time to bloggggg…


Anyway, for the last several months now I’ve been working on “This is 40” as an Apprentice Editor.  It’s been AMAZING. Production just wrapped. We spent a good while prepping gag reel material for the wrap party this week, and now we’re back to makin’ a movie! Everyone on board has this perfect sense of humor that makes us all mesh, and clearly shows off why this crew was hired to work on a Judd Apatow movie. We have the best lunch conversations, ever.


I’ve gotten to do some temp VFX in After Effects, which has been really fun! And the dailies crack me up all from 9 to 5. (ha! as if those were the hours we worked…)

I’m living the life!


Additionally, a fellow Editor, Monica Briano, from twitter asked me some questions about being an Assistant Editor in film.


Check it out here: 7 Questions with an Assistant Editor


Amanda Seyfried, star of "Gone" (2012)

So there hasn’t been a post for a while, but for good reason!


For starters, we moved to LA. Or, one could say I’VE moved to LA, and David expanded his residence to include LA. I’m hoping to be able to go back and forth as well, with LA and NYC gigs.

Secondly, I immediately started a job the day after I got here, so I’ve been really busy with that. As part of my process of learning the major feature film world, I took an intern role on my first studio feature! It’s this movie:

It’s been really fun so far! And I’m learning how television (specifically non-scripted) and union features differ.

Lastly, amongst the preparing to move, the shattered window in our apartment a week BEFORE we move, buying a car, getting insurance, and all that good stuff that comes with moving to Los Angeles, AND the drive there… We both also got really sick and have been sick up until about this last weekend. So we haven’t been doing much but hanging around, and looking around the city.

Hopefully soon we’ll have something more interesting to post about. Hooray for sun!

A.D.D. Movie Reviews: Weekend Trifecta

So it’s been long enough since I’ve seen a (new) movie that I went ahead and just saw three in a row to catch up. And as a result, I can’t help but kind of compare my experience with the three side-by-side. AND as a result, I have even less to say about each. It will be the A.D.D.-est yet.

The Adjustment Bureau

2.5/5 stars

What a legendary campaign.

I’ve been saying all along that this could either be really cool or really lame. Instead it fell solidly in the middle. It did do everything I expected in terms of heavy-handed-holy-ness and bordering immature fantastical storytelling about fate. And after a while I had had enough of their bewildered shock as they point to a notebook of symbols that meant nothing to me. But, I was still relatively entertained, especially by how much New York played into the story.

For the most part I was disappointed.

My favorite thing about the movie is actually the promo campaign, which was WAY more menacing and badass than the Adjustment Bureau IN THE MOVIE was.  Someone hire these people to promote my movie (when I make it) please!


Take Me Home Tonight

3/5 stars

The song wasn't even in the movie!

I’ve come to realize what made this kind of movie great IN the actual 80s can’t really be reproduced. It’s a certain kind of mentality and genuineness that movies don’t have anymore unless done cautiously and un-ironically. I love me some John Cusack movies, but just because Take Me Home Tonight is set in the 80s doesn’t mean its included in those classics. THAT being said, it was also fairly entertaining and it was a slightly more satisfying experience than The Adjustment Bureau which I had seen the night before. The discrepancies in the story are more swallowable when it’s not a high-concept Writer/Director movie anyhow.


5/5 stars

This photo has nothing to do with anything, but is hilarious.

This was by FAR the highlight of the weekend trifecta of movie-watching. Not only is Rango a really good animation, but it’s an excellent Western, AND a very good movie in terms of structure, acting, and all the technical aspects from which the other two have glaring problems. Rango has just a hint of reference sprinkled in from old classic westerns, while still being its OWN movie, not a cluttered collage of cliches. It doesn’t succumb to the typical “make it back home” plot that usually befalls onto the “lost pet” scenario.  And has an excellent cast and crew including a Hans Zimmer score and Cinematography Consulting by Roger Deakins. The credits roll got more oohs, ahhs, and surprises than an M. Night Shya…wait, that’s not a very good example anymore. More oohs, ahhs, and surprises than the reveal of an Agatha Christie novel.

I always love when a movie surprises. I hope Rango is in the running for best animated feature this year because it was remarkably good. (And as a side note, it was also remarkably rough in appearance and character-killing than a typical “adults will like it too” animation. Which, among other things, means it wasn’t created to sell toys.  Those plushies would make a child cry!)

A.D.D. Movie Reviews: The Living Wake

A.D.D. short and sweet.

The Living Wake

5/5 stars

Drawn to it.

I forgot about this movie when it was released. There were posters plastered up around New York and I’m instantly drawn to anything…. hand drawn.

For whatever reason, I found it on Netflix and added it to my queue. Which I also forgot about until it showed up this weekend.

Within the first few minutes my only reaction was “Is this for real?”. I kept waiting for all the characters to drop the funny voices.

It took a while, but I eventually got over the crazy, seemingly pretentiousness of it all. Toward the end of the movie, the disc started to skip and I realized how much I really wanted to see what happened.

In short, this movie is totally bizarre, but ENTIRELY entertaining with a GREAT payoff at the end. Would I recommend it to anyone? Only if they liked quirkiness and have some patience for a movie to develop and to let themselves buy in.
But it’s also the guy’s directorial debut, is well shot and paced, and only has a teensy-weensy bit of “first movie” vibe. And for that, it gets 5 stars.

Plus, the lead looks entertainingly like Conan O’Brien, most of the rest of the characters are likable and definitively weird, and the music is great.

Walter Murch on 3D

Ebert just posted this letter from Walter Murch on his blog where Murch explains why 3D doesn’t really work and will never work. It’s a short but interesting read. The guy really seems to understand the science of it well, and for that, I believe him. Plus, you know, he’s famously well versed in most things Post Production already.

I expect 3D IS just a fad come back to haunt us, anyway. I don’t think people will keep paying $17 to see a movie in 3D for much longer.  The glasses are uncomfortable (They always hurt the bridge of my nose!), not every seat in the house is good in a 3D movie theater, and for most of the movies that ALSO release in 2D, the experience is the same if not maybe a bit better because you’re not having to deal with all the rest of that stuff.  Plus, it just doesn’t seem like it’s worth while when watching a 3D movie anywhere but on a massive screen in a dark room with surround sound. Who wants to watch a tiny 3D movie on their smart phone anyway? Really, the only people it benefits are those that make 3D creating and 3D projecting equipment.  (But these are just my (Kim) opinions.) It’s probably an interesting experiment on a small scale, aka, Dave just bought some equipment specifically for posting in 3D. :)

Why 3D doesn’t work and never will. Case closed.