Another new project and 7 Questions

As it turns out, working in Post-Production in film means I don’t have time to bloggggg…


Anyway, for the last several months now I’ve been working on “This is 40” as an Apprentice Editor.  It’s been AMAZING. Production just wrapped. We spent a good while prepping gag reel material for the wrap party this week, and now we’re back to makin’ a movie! Everyone on board has this perfect sense of humor that makes us all mesh, and clearly shows off why this crew was hired to work on a Judd Apatow movie. We have the best lunch conversations, ever.


I’ve gotten to do some temp VFX in After Effects, which has been really fun! And the dailies crack me up all from 9 to 5. (ha! as if those were the hours we worked…)

I’m living the life!


Additionally, a fellow Editor, Monica Briano, from twitter asked me some questions about being an Assistant Editor in film.


Check it out here: 7 Questions with an Assistant Editor

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